Despite constant website additions and internet expansion, not all areas optimize for maximum visibility. Despite a staggering 1.13 billion websites worldwide as of February 2023, a substantial 82% lay dormant, leaving approximately 200 million active websites to navigate the expansive web terrain. In India alone, a burgeoning 5,708,965 websites are shaping the online realm. Amongst these numbers, a curious dichotomy emerges. The most visited websites globally, Google and YouTube, command staggering user engagement with 97 billion and 80.05 billion visits, respectively.

The Digital Landscape Unveiled

Amidst this rich tapestry of online presence, a pertinent question arises: why is 82% lay dormant, leaving approximately 200 million active websites to navigate the expansive web terrain? 

Key SEO Shortfalls

  1. Meta Tag Mastery: Meta tags, akin to digital ambassadors, offer vital insights to search engines. Astonishingly, numerous websites overlook these pivotal code snippets, jeopardizing their search engine rankings.
  2. Compelling Meta Tag Descriptions: Your meta tag description is the virtual sales pitch for your website. Yet, many websites overlook this paramount aspect, missing out on an invaluable opportunity to captivate user interest.
  3. Image Alt Tags: Images breathe life into a website’s visual appeal. Regrettably, considerable websites fail to tag images, rendering them invisible to search engines adequately.
  4. Embracing HTTPS Encryption: HTTPS encryption has transcended the realm of choice in an era of cyber threats. Yet, many websites lack this fundamental security layer, disrupting their search engine performance.
  5. Harnessing H1 Tags: The H1 tag is a digital compass guiding search engines to your page’s essence. Astonishingly, a noteworthy portion of websites underestimates its role, contributing to confusion for search engines and users alike.

The Perils of SEO Neglect

Disregarding SEO’s significance leads to a cascade of consequences. Inferior search engine rankings lead to diminished visibility, resulting in missed opportunities for organic traffic. Neglecting SEO can decrease brand exposure, user trust, conversions, and revenue. Proper SEO is essential in a competitive digital world.

Small and Medium Enterprises: A Digital Dilemma

Amidst this seismic shift towards digital transformation, a shadowed narrative surfaces. Small and medium enterprises, often grappling with constrained resources, stand susceptible to unscrupulous practices that camouflage themselves as website designing and SEO-friendly solutions. Many businesses face high maintenance fees that they must pay monthly or yearly. Companies must invest in digital marketing to boost their community visibility and awareness. Expanding their reach is essential to grow and attract a broader customer base.

The Path to SEO Resurgence

Yet, amidst these challenges, there’s hope for redemption. Indian websites can pivot from SEO oblivion to digital supremacy through concerted efforts.

  1. Education and Awareness: Business owners and website administrators must recognize the pivotal role SEO plays in the digital landscape. Awareness stands as the catalyst for transformative change.
  2. Guidance from Experts: For those unfamiliar with the intricacies of SEO, seeking guidance from digital marketing professionals or SEO experts can be a game-changer.
  3. Optimized Content Strategies: Revamp content strategies to weave in relevant keywords while prioritizing user value seamlessly.
  4. Responsive Web Design Mastery: Investing in responsive design ensures optimal user experiences across devices.
  5. Technical SEO Excellence: Paying heed to technical aspects, including meta tags, image alt attributes, and the seamless integration of HTTPS encryption.
  6. Harnessing H1 Tags: Recognizing the potency of H1 tags in conveying a page’s essence and enhancing clarity for both users and search engines.

Understanding the Distinction: Websites vs. Portals

A website is a collection of connected web pages accessed through a single domain on the internet. These webpages are hosted on a web server using a web hosting service, allowing people worldwide to access the content via the internet. The main component of a website is its web content, consisting of information presented on its web pages. The homepage serves as a starting point for navigating the entire website.

On the other hand, a portal serves as a knowledge management system, offering a centralized access point. It facilitates creating, sharing, exchanging, and reusing information for organizations. Portals are typically private online locations accessible via a unique URL and login credentials. User IDs and passwords protect portal content gathered from various sources and require frequent refreshing.


Neglecting SEO in the digital epoch is equivalent to crafting a masterpiece in a secluded nook—remarkable but unnoticed. With many Indian websites dismissing the call for SEO, the hour demands a transformative shift. By infusing SEO best practices into website development and management, Indian websites can unshackle their digital potential, beckoning organic traffic and embarking on a journey towards digital triumph. In the realm of the virtual, visibility equates to power, and SEO is the master key to unlocking this potential. It’s a clarion call for small and medium enterprises to arm themselves with knowledge, surmount digital challenges, and embrace the true prowess of the online realm.

As the digital world burgeons with websites and portals, the need for SEO expertise becomes even more pronounced, ensuring a meaningful digital presence that resonates on a global scale.

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